Family Housing

Families may apply for two and three bedroom units at Menotomy Manor, our family development, located in East Arlington near the Thompson Public School. Selection of tenants is determined by income and family size. Preference may be given to Veterans, residents of Arlington, and families receiving no other type of housing assistance. Families interested in applying for such housing must meet income eligibility requirements. Rent is based on the income of the family and is approximately 25% of the monthly net income. Residents pay their own individually metered utilities.

Elderly Housing

The Arlington Housing Authority has five well maintained developments for elderly citizens. Each building is convenient to shopping, churches and local services. Priority is given to persons who have recently experienced a natural tragedy, or who are being evicted due to governmental action or who are homeless through no fault of their own. Residents of the town of Arlington and minorities may also be given preference.

When a vacancy occurs, an applicant is selected from the waiting list. The individual's rent is based on the income, assets (including bank interest and stock dividends) and expenses for medical and health insurance. The cost of all utilities except a telephone is included in the rent charge. As required by state regulation a rent redetermination is

conducted each year to verify continued qualification for housing assistance. The Authority works diligently with its tenant associations and other local organizations to provide a wide range of activities within each development. Events such as bazaars, day excursions, classes, medical examinations, shopping trips and films are regularly scheduled, often at no charge or a nominal cost.

In cooperation with the Minuteman Home Care Corporation, a hot meal program is held in the community room at 37 Drake Road from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on weekdays. Participants, including non-residents of elderly housing, make a small contribution for their meal. Reservations may be made by calling one day in advance at 648-7500.

In addition, the Authority provides low-cost transportation via a specially-equipped van to local shopping centers in cooperation with each tenant association. A few modified apartments for persons confined to wheelchairs or other certifiably handicapped applicants are also available. Prospective tenants must meet income and asset eligibility requirements.

Subsidized Housing

The Arlington Housing Authority also receives additional funding through the U.S. Congress and state legislature for two subsidized housing programs. One program is the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The other is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. Each of these programs is similar in allowing an individual, or family, who meets income and other requirements to find and rent a privately owned apartment within the town if the unit falls within mandated rent limits and passes inspection by the Authority.

Qualified applicants pay only a portion of the total rent, with the Authority paying the balance directly to the landlord. Presently more than 400 Arlington families are being assisted in apartments throughout our Town. Although there are waiting lists for the Section 8 Program, interested persons are encouraged to inquire about their eligibility.

Special Needs Housing

The Authority also sponsors a residential home on Massachusetts Avenue for thirteen develop-mentally disabled adults in cooperation with area state mental health agencies. This effort seeks to strengthen the capacity of special persons to live normal, productive lives by working and living in the community. More information about this type of housing may be obtained from the Authority.