Federal law requires Arlington Housing Authority to inspect apartments to make sure that the rent being charged is reasonable given an apartment's condition and amenities. There are two types of inspections:

Initial Inspections
Before AHA agrees to enter into a contract with an owner to help pay a voucher holder's rent, federal law requires us to take a look at it to make sure it's worth the rent the owner is requesting. The inspections are quick, scheduled at owners' convenience and free. AHA's inspector simply makes sure that the unit is safe and sanitary and that the rent is reasonable before a voucher holder can move in. In most cases, AHA will not allow voucher holders to move into an apartment until it passes initial inspection.

Annual Inspections
Federal law also requires AHA to ANNUALLY REINSPECT voucher holders' units to make sure that owners and voucher holders are each doing their part to keep their units clean and safe. Reinspections also provide AHA an opportunity to make sure that rents paid are reasonable given each apartment's location, condition, amenities and the local rental market.

Request Inspections
Since AHA only inspects units once a year, it is important that voucher holders let us know when there are problems with their apartments. AHA encourages voucher holders to let their landlords know, in writing, when there is something in their apartment that needs repair. We strongly recommend that voucher holders send us a copy of any correspondences with landlords so that we know when issues arise.

When landlords don't respond to repair requests, or if voucher holders feel that the repairs are insufficient, AHA encourages them to contact the AHA's Housing Inspector and request a Special Inspection. Since AHA is often paying most of the rent for a voucher holder's apartment, we can help make sure that owners are keeping their units in good shape.

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