Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - July 17, 2013

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by Daniel Brosnan, in the John F. Cusack Board Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA.

Roll Call

Present: Richard Murray, Nicholas Mitropoulos, Daniel Brosnan, Gaar Talanian and Bridgett James

Also Present: John J. Griffin, Executive Director and John L. Greco, Attorney and Richard Conlon Accountant

Notice to Town Clerk
Notice of this meeting was delivered electronically on October 23, 2012 and posted by the Arlington Town Clerk in accordance with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.

General Public
Dorothy Rulon, Tenant President of Drake Village, stated that two of the tenants of Drake Village recently became U.S. Citizens and a party was held in their honor. She stated that she was upset that none of the Housing Authority board members came but was pleased that staff was on-hand to help. She stated that the party was enjoyed by all who attended.

Project Updates
Mr. Griffin stated that all of the Health and Safety Award requirements were fulfilled by the July 15, 2013 deadline. He stated that the bid job for the parking lot at Drake Village went out and the job was completed. They repaved and painted new lines. The sidewalks at Menotomy Manor were completed with the Town of Arlington contractor. Three metal doors were replaced at Drake Village.

Ms. Rullon asked if they were going to install a speed bump at Drake Village.

Mr. Griffin said they were looking into it, they had some issues with the ones at Menotomy Manor so they might install permanent ones.

Mr. Griffin stated the siding project at Menotomy Manor was 95% done and they were doing the punch list for the first half and they were working on the second half. He believes it will be done in 3-4 weeks.

Mr. Talanian asked if it was on budget.

Mr. Griffin stated it was; there were no change orders.

Mr. Griffin stated they painted the brown trim along the windows at the maintenance shop at Menotomy Manor and it looks good. They were also going to look at upgrading the camera system at Menotomy Manor; the current system is four years old and the new technology is much faster.

Mr. Griffin stated they got the approval to bid the handicap ramp design at Chestnut Manor.

All the message boards at the buildings were redesigned to show a news feed, weather, and events at the AHA.

Mr. Griffin stated they are working on the Capital Plan which needs to be submitted. They are going through and looking at the projects that need to be done. They will present at the Tenant Organization meetings in August for input and approval and bring it to the Board.

The Cogen project is on hold. DHCD is pulling back due to issues at other sites. It would be approximately $7000-$15000 per unit to install independently.

Mr. Griffin stated he reached out to Amy Stitely at DHCD regarding the original elevator at Cusack. He was told by Ms. Stitely that they are only repairing buildings that have one elevator and the funding for this project is not available.

Certificate of Final Completion for Family Paving and Seal Coating for Hauser Lot

Upon a motion made by Mr. Murray and seconded by Mrs. James it was unanimously voted in favor to approve the Certificate of Final Completion for Family Paving and Seal Coating for the Hauser Parking Lot.

  Yes No
Richard Murray X
Nicholas Mitropoulos X  
Daniel Brosnan X  
Gaar Talanian X  
Bridgett James X  

Certificate of Final Completion for Town of Arlington Menotomy Manor Sidewalks

Upon a motion made by Mr. Murray and seconded by Mrs. James it was unanimously voted in favor to approve the Certificate of Final Completion for the Town of Arlington Menotomy Manor Sidewalk project.

  Yes No
Richard Murray X
Nicholas Mitropoulos X  
Daniel Brosnan X  
Gaar Talanian X  
Bridgett James X  

Approval to Bid Chestnut Manor Roof
Mr. Griffin reviewed the Approval to Bid for the roof replacement project. The board discussed DHCD’s recommendation to use a bid document distribution service. Mr. Griffin stated he wanted to keep the bidding process in house.

Housing Choice Voucher Update
Mr. Griffin stated that the HCV program is preparing for a loss of income in the coming year. In anticipation of that, Mr. Griffin said they completed an analysis of payment standard costs and the rent burdens of tenants. The report shows hypothetical costs the housing authority could save when they amend their payment standards.

Mr. Mitropoulos asked if this was being implemented now.

Mr. Griffin stated the Authority would have to request a waiver from HUD but they would not be granted one now because they are not a short-fall agency. HUD is only granting waivers to those who need assistance now. He stated the Authority is preparing for when they might have to request a waiver.

Mr. Griffin stated that the rents in the Arlington area are very high. If the payment standards were lowered, voucher holders would not be able to lease up in town. He discussed the possibility of allowing a higher rate for initial lease up and notifying the tenant that in a year they will have a reduced standard and will have to pay more.

Mr. Griffin also discussed the need to look at our policies regarding voucher termination due to lack of funding.

AHA Non-Profit
Mr. Griffin discussed the formation of a non-profit.

Minutes June 19, 2013
The minutes for the June 19, 2013 regular meeting were tabled until August 21, 2013.

Personnel Policy
On hold until the collective bargaining agreement with the Union is completed.

Executive Session – to discuss Collective Bargaining Agreement (Discussed in Open meeting)

Mr. Greco stated the July 30 meeting has been postponed as one of the union representatives will be out for medical reasons.

Mr. Greco stated the Department of Labor Relations still has mediation meetings scheduled for August 13 and 14, 2013.

Mr. Greco suggested that Mr. Griffin, Mr. Talanian and himself meet before the union meetings to discuss the Personnel Policy.

Old Business Mr. Murray asked how the tenants are handling the heat wave.

Mr. Griffin stated he hasn’t heard of any problems yet. There is air conditioning in all common rooms. He stated that they will go around to the different units on Friday, July 19, 2013 to make sure everyone is okay for the weekend.

New Business
Mr. Griffin stated the cookouts for the elderly will be held on September 10, 12, 17, 19, 2013.

Mr. Griffin stated National Night out is August 6, 2013 at Menotomy Manor.

Mr. Griffin discussed the audit report.


Upon a motion made by Mr. Murray and seconded by Mr. Mitropoulos it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:30PM.

The next meeting is August 21, 2013.