Meeting Minutes

Executive Meeting of the AHA - April 18, 2012

Mr. Mitropoulos made a motion to enter in Executive Session to discuss the purchase of property because in open session would be detrimental on the position of the Arlington Housing Authority.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Talanian.

The Chairman called a roll call vote of the Board.

  Yes No
Daniel Brosnan Aye
Richard Murray Aye  
Gaar Talanian Aye  
Nicholas Mitropoulos Aye  

The Chairman declared the Board in Executive Session at 8:50 P.M.

Mr. Griffin said that we put out an RFP in February looking for an additional housing unit for domestic violence. We applied for $200,000.00 and we received it.

Mr. Brosnan wanted to know who we were buying the house from.

Mr. Griffin said Ernie Garino. Mr. Griffin said that we put out a bid and whoever wants to sell they answer our RFP.

Mr. Mitropoulos wanted to know if we have a spec.

Mr. Greco said that we should.

Mr. Mitropoulos asked how do we rate them.

Mr. Greco said that there should be a rate in the package. He said that Chapter 30B spells it out.

Mr. Griffin said we have a proposal from Ernie.

Mr. Murray wanted to know if it was just a coincidence.

Mr. Griffin said he wanted more money and Mr. Griffin said we can only pay a certain price.

Mr. Greco said that we need an independent appraisal.

Mr. Griffin put the bid for $390,000.00.

Mr. Greco asked if we are going to have to do any repairs.

Mr. Griffin said it does have an historical significance.

Mr. Greco asked if we had any problem with the historical significance.

Mr. Murray said that we have a domestic violence unit at Decatur Street. He wanted to know if it is occupied all year.

Mr. Griffin said no.

Mr. Murray said that we have to make sure that there is someone always living there.

Mr. Talanian asked if the unit always had to be a domestic violence unit.

Mr. Mitropoulos asked if we had any CDBG money.

Mr. Griffin said no. We have $195,000.00 from last year and we will be getting $200,000.00 this year.

M r. Murray said we may have to wait until July 1st.

A motion to accept the proposal for 24 Summer Street received on April 18, 2012. Upon confirmation from the Town Planning Department that CDBG funds will be available to purchase the property for the Domestic Violence Program subject to satisfactory appraisal, inspection and confirmation from the Planning Department and HUD Requirements.

Mr. Murray asked if we fun into a problem if we sell it.

Mr. Griffin said we will have agreed to fifteen years.

Mr. Mitropoulos asked what the Section 8 amount for the rent is.

Mr. Griffin said $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 a month.