Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - February 16, 2011

Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by Nicholas Mitropoulos, in the John F. Cusack Board Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA.

Roll Call
Present: Brian R. Greeley, Richard Murray, Teresa Walsh and Nicholas Mitropoulos
Also Present: John J. Griffin, Executive Director
Absent: Brian Connor and John Greco, Attorney

Notice to Town Clerk
Notice of this meeting was delivered electronically on February 11, 2010, and posted by the Arlington Town Clerk in accordance with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.

Project Updates
On Tuesday we are switching over the hot water system at chestnut Manor. We are wirelessly connected to the Fire Dept. at Chestnut Manor and Drake Village. Cusack and Winslow are set to go tomorrow.
We are putting new ceiling panels in the Community Room at Drake. We will also paint the inside of the building. We have painted Cusack Building and the tenants are happy with it.
Mr. Griffin said that the maintenance men have been working hard with the snow removal.
Mr. Murray wanted to know if Bill Fish could write a letter for the job that the maintenance men did.
Mr. Griffin said that Phil Whitney is retiring on April 28, 2011 after 31 years. Mr. Griffin is going to put his picture on the monitors for the month of April. Mr. Griffin said that we should do something for him.
Mr. Griffin said there is a CDBG hearing on March 14, 2011 at 7:00 PM. Mr. Griffin said to remind them of the money they gave us and tell them what we did with it.

Local Tenants Organizations
Bill Fish wanted to know about fire emergency situation. He also stated that Drake Village is having their St. Patrick's Day dinner on March 18, 2011.

General Public

Condo Purchase Report
This was tabled.

Executive Session

Old Business

New Business

The meeting was adjourned 9:00 PM.
Upon a motion made by Mr. Mitropoulos and seconded by Mr. Murray it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting.
The next meeting will be March 16, 2011, at Winslow Towers.