Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - August 14, 2007

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 P.M. by Brian J. Connor in the John F. Cusack Board Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA.

Roll Call
Present: Nicholas Mitropoulos, Teresa J. Walsh, Brian R. Greeley and Brian J. Connor

Absent Richard B. Murray

Also Present: Franklin W. Hurd, Jr. and Elaine Slavin, Section 8 Representative

Notice to Town Clerk
Notice of this meeting was delivered electronically on July 23, 2007, and posted by the Arlington Town Clerk in accordance with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law.

From : Joseph Cipriano, Tenant Drake Village
Re: Hurd Field Parking Lot, vandalism
From Carole Collins, Director, DHCD
Re: LHA FY 2008 Budget Guidelines
Re: Executive Director Salary & Qualifications Schedule effective July 1, 2007

From Amy Schectman, Associate Director, DHCD
Re: Hauser Building Kitchen Funding Award $10,000.00
Re: Chapter 689 Funding Award $250,000.00
Re: Emergency Elevator Generator Funding $450,000.00

Upon a motion by Ms. Walsh and seconded by Mr. Greeley it was voted unanimously in favor to accept the Communications.

David Pollak, Abacus Architects Re: Kitchen/Bathroom & Handicap Unit update

David Pollak gave an update on the progress of the kitchens and baths.

Local Tenants Organizations – General Public

Marion King spoke about the interdepartmental communications. The apartments weren't cleaned before the tenants moved in.

Mr. Hurd said that Bob Cronin and Janet Doyle reviewed a lot of the apartments to check if they were cleaned.

Graciella said that the cottages have been painted and they look great. They have repainted the stairways.

Lyman Judd discussed the van schedule and also stated that he enjoyed the cookouts.

DHCD Funding Award Approvals
There is contract work that has to be signed by the Chairman. Mr. Hurd wanted the Board to vote so that the Chairman will be able to sign the contracts when they come in.

Upon a motion by Mr. Greeley and seconded by Ms. Walsh it was voted unanimously in favor to allow Richard Murray to sign the contracts.

Subcommittees – Executive Director Search
The Search Committee will start the interviewing process on August 20, 2007 at 5:00 PM. Ms. Walsh wanted to know if the candidates met the criteria that were stated in the DHCD Guidelines for the Executive Director's salary.

FY 2008 Budgets, for discussion
Mr. Hurd gave the Board the Budget Guidelines for 2008. Mr. Conlon and Mr. Hurd will go over the Budget. Mr. Hurd is looking for any input from the Board for the Budget.

Section 8 FSS Program, request for $3,000.00 Consulting Services

Mr. Hurd would like the Board to authorize the hiring of a consultant to start the FSS Program. This is a start-up process.

Upon a motion by Mr. Connor and seconded by Ms. Walsh it was voted unanimously to hire a consultant for the FSS Program.

Audit Services Contract, FY 2007, FY 2008, FY 2009

Mr. Hurd discussed the two proposals that were submitted to perform the audit for the Arlington Housing Authority. After a discussion with the Board and Mr. Conlon it was recommended that the Authority approve the proposal from Hurley & Associates.

Upon a motion by Mr. Greeley and seconded by Ms. Walsh it was voted unanimously to approve the contract submitted by Hurley & Associates.

Upon on motion by Mr. Greeley and seconded by Mr. Mitropolous it was unanimously to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting that was held on June 11, 2007.

Upon a motion by Mr. Greeley and seconded by Mr. Mitropolous it was unanimously to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting that was held on July 19, 2007.

New Business
Mr. Hurd discussed the progress with 993 Mass. Ave. It has been painted, new electrical and the railings have been installed. The mix valve should be replaced. The whole building would have to be shut down in order to do this. It was asked that if someone should get scolded could the AHA be sued. Mr. Connor said to replace the valve. Mr. Hurd and Mr. Connor will discuss this matter

Mr. Greeley said that this Thursday is the last night of the Playground Program and he would like to invite the Board to attend. He stated that the park instructors have done a great job.

Mr. Greeley asked permission to allow the Wify Company to come in and to talk about a wireless system for security camera aspect. Can they come to the next Board Meeting?

Mr. Greeley would like to put on the next Agenda to have a discussion about hiring an Assistant Director. He also would like to have a Senior Prom for not only the tenants of the AHA but for all of the elderly in Arlington. His goal is to rent the Town Hall to have this prom and to charge $100.00 per couple and have the Arlington Housing Authority pay for the Tenants that attend. If this is a success then it can be made as an annual event.

Mr. Hurd has talked to Cingular about the antenna on this building. The contract with Cingular ends November 30, 2007 and they want to negotiate a new contract. They want to knock off 40% of the price they pay us. Mr. Hurd was able to get them to knock off 20%. Mr. Hurd was just advising the Board on this.

Mr. Connor wanted to know who was in the driver's seat on this. Mr. Hurd would like to get more terms on this contract. The Board would like to know who is permitted in the Town for antennas and to see how many are in the Town. Mr. Hurd will get back to the Board with the information.

Unfinished Business

Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mr. Connor and seconded by Mr. Mitropolous it was voted unanimously to schedule the interviews for mid August.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM

Upon a motion by Mr. Mitropolous and seconded by Ms. Walsh it was voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting.

The next Board Meeting is September 19th at 7PM at Winslow Towers