Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - May 17, 2006

A meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority was held which was open to the public, and was called to order by Chairman Richard B. Murray on Wednesday, May 17, 2006, at 6:10 PM in the John F. Cusack Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA. The Roll Call was taken and the following members of the Arlington Housing Authority were present:

Present: Richard Murray
Dr. Patricia Worden
John Griffin
Teresa J. Walsh

Absent: Nicholas Mitropoulos
Also Present: Franklin W. Hurd, Jr. Executive Director and
Attorney John Greco, AHA Legal Counsel

The Chairman announced that the filing of the Notice with the Town Clerk has been complied with and directed a copy of this Notice be spread upon the records, a copy of which is as follows:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 23, Chapter 39 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that a meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority will be held on Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 6:00 PM in the Town Hall, Arlington, MA.

I, Franklin W. Hurd, Jr., the duly appointed Secretary of the Arlington Housing Authority, do hereby certify that on April 20, 2006 was emailed and filed with the Town Clerk of the Town of Arlington a copy of Notice of Meeting, of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy.



Executive Session
Attorney John Greco, Legal Counsel for the AHA, informed the Board that there was a tenant appeal on the agenda where the tenant was appealing an earlier decision of the AHA Grievance Panel. Because of the potential for the items discussed to be part of future litigation, he recommended that the Board meet with the tenant in Executive Session. The Chairman agreed with that recommendation.

A motion was made by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Dr. Worden.

That the Board enter into Executive Session for the purpose of taking up an appeal made by a tenant the subject of which may be part of future litigation, and when the Board returns to Regular Session, it will do so in order to address the remaining items on its agenda in open session.

The Chairman called the Roll of those members in attendance.

Mr. Murray Aye
Mr. Griffin Aye
Dr. Worden Aye
Ms. Walsh Aye

Mr. Griffin left the Board Room in order to refrain from participation in the appeal process, and the Chairman declared the Board was in Executive Session at 6:13 PM.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Ms. Walsh, the Chairman called the Roll of those members in attendance.

Mr. Murray Aye
Dr. Worden Aye
Ms. Walsh Aye

The Chairman declared the Board was back in Regular Open Session at 7:30 PM. The public was invited back into the Board Room, and the Board continued with its Regular Meeting Agenda. After a brief break the Board resumed the meeting at 7:40 PM.

Mr. Griffin returned to the Board Room at 7:41 PM.

Upon a motion by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

VOTED: To receive the following communications:
- From: Arlington Town Day Committee
Re: September 8, 2006 Town Day Celebration Notice

- From: Jane Wallis Gumble, Director, DHCD
Re: Chapter 40B Monitoring

- From: Stan Kruszewski, Director, DHCD
Re: New Elevator Ad for Designer Selection

- From: Hurley, O'Neill & Company, PC, CPA Re: Audit Reports for Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2005


Mr. David Levy, Executive Director of the Housing Corporation of Arlington, Inc. met with the Board. Mr. Levy informed the Board that his organization is in the process of acquiring an 18 unit building. The complex consists of all one-bedroom units, they are in good condition and will serve a range of mixed income occupants.

Funding for the project will come from CDBG, HOME, and the Mass. Housing Partnership. Mr. Griffin was told that DMR or DMH clients cannot participate in the project. Mr. Levy wanted the Board to consider putting out to bid a limited number of project based Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, in hopes that his organization may qualify as an additional resource in funding their project.

Mr. Hurd informed the Board that the current AHA Section 8 Administrative Plan does not permit project based vouchers for one-bedroom units.

Upon further discussion the Board felt that one-bedroom units could also benefit the town and meet an additional need for affordable housing in Arlington. Because it is believed that the inclusion of one-bedroom units into the administrative plan would be a minor modification to the Plan, the Board opted for a simple Board vote to allow this change.

Upon a motion by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

VOTED: To amend the Section 8 Administrative Plan to include one-bedroom units in the options for project basing Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers.

Ms. Marian King, Co-President of the Menotomy Manor Tenants Association expressed her gratitude to the Maintenance employees for their efforts in keeping pumps running during the recent extended rains. She also informed the Board that their elections will be held soon, and will keep the Board informed of the results.

Ms. Graciella Correa, a tenant of Drake Village, informed the Board that on May 27, 2006, the "English as a Second Language Program" will have completed its forth year at Drake Village. She requested that the Board find some way to help fund a small collation at the final meeting. The matter was referred to the Executive Director. Ms. Correa noted that they plan to expand their program offerings to other buildings next year.

Chapter 40B
The Board discussed Chapter 40B and concerns about the oversight being conducted by various agencies.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman were created as a subcommittee to respond to the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency regarding those concerns. The subcommittee will prepare a response, and the Chairman will send the letter.

Energy Conservation
Upon a motion by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

VOTED: That any new tenant of the Authority who wishes to install an air-conditioner in their apartment must first show that the unit meets the established EnergyStar rating for efficiency.


Effective May 1, 2007, all tenants of the authority wishing to use air-conditioners in their units must have units with the established EnergyStar rating.

Unfinished Business
Mr. Hurd informed the Board that the DHCD Designer Selection Committee met earlier today to review the A/E submission for the upgrades of elevators in Chestnut Manor (667-2) and the Hauser Building (667-4). The committee will provide the authority with a ranked listing for its selection.

The Board also learned that paperwork pertaining to the construction of a new elevator for Cusack Terrace (667-5) has been received and the A/E work will be bid shortly.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Griffin, it was unanimously:

VOTED: To proceed with negotiations between the Town, Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation, and the AHA for the possible use of the Mt. Gilboa property as a Chapter 689 development.

New Business
Ms. Walsh requested that Board Packets be received earlier. Mr. Hurd will make every effort to do so.

Upon a motion by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

VOTED: To adjourn the meeting at 9:22 PM.