Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - September 21, 2005

A meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority was held which was open to the public, and was called to order by Chairman Nicholas Mitropoulos on Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 7:16 PM in the John F. Cusack Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA. The Roll Call was taken and the following members of the Arlington Housing Authority were present:

Nicholas Mitropoulos Richard Murray
Dr. Patricia Worden
John Griffin
Teresa J. Walsh

None Also Present:
Franklin W. Hurd, Jr. Executive Director

The Chairman announced that the filing of the Notice with the Town Clerk has been complied with and directed a copy of this Notice be spread upon the records, a copy of which is as follows:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 23, Chapter 39 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that a meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall, Arlington, MA.

I, Franklin W. Hurd, Jr., the duly appointed Secretary of the Arlington Housing Authority, do hereby certify that on August 15, 2005 was emailed and filed with the Town Clerk of the Town of Arlington a copy of Notice of Meeting, of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy.



Upon a motion by Mr. Griffin, and seconded by Mr. Murray, it was unanimously:

To receive the following two communications:
- From: Robert Martin, President, Winslow Towers Tenants Assn. Re: Letter of Appreciation for Annual Cookout.
- From: Mary B. Roberts, President, Drake Village Tenants Assn, Re: Elevators at Drake Village (Second Request)

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

To receive the following communication:
- From: Meredith and Grew
Re: Notice of Availability, St. James Church

Ms. Kerri Keeler, Co-President of the Menotomy Manor Tenants Association, noted the organizations's very successful "Pot Luck" supper. She said that they were grateful to Principal Michael McCabe, of the Thompson School, who gave them permission to use the school's refrigeration to keep the ice cream sundaes frozen for the party.

Ms. Mary Roberts, of Drake Village, asked for a status of the elevators in the Hauser Building. Mr. Hurd informed her that he hoped that installation of phones in the elevators could be installed by the end of the month. He also noted that representatives from DHCD had scheduled a tour of all the highrise buildings to determine the status of the elevators. The Chairman strongly felt that this was a major safety concern.

Ms. Walsh said that she would contact our state representatives and senator on behalf of the Board requesting support for funding of elevator upgrades.

Mr. Joseph Daly, a tenant of the Hauser Building and Town Meeting Member from Precinct 20 thanked the Board for the good news regrading phone installation in the elevators of his building.

Ms. Graciella Correa, a tenant of Drake Village, inquired if the buildings had lightening protection. Mr. Hurd said that the buildings were built with protection systems.

The Board discussed possible changes to the Parking Regulations which could permit parking during certain times of the day in the Chapter 667 developments. The presidents of the LTO's involved would be notified to obtain from their members.

Ms. Olga Addis appeared before the Board requesting a Temporary Waiver from the Parking Regulations.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Griffin, it was unanimously:

To grant a temporary thirty (30) day waiver for Ms. Olga Addis to park in the parking lot in Winslow Towers to drop off and pick up her mother Ms. Kaleria Faust.

Affordable Housing
The Board met with Mr. David Levy of the Housing Corporation of Arlington, Inc. and their consultant Mr. Peter Smith. They gave a brief presentation on how the AHA might increase the use of the Chestnut Manor property for additional affordable housing. The plan discussed could include a component for preserving the Atwood House, by moving it to the Medford Street location.

A motion was made by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Griffin, to proceed with the negotiations for this proposal contingent upon the Atwood House being moved to the site.

The motion was voted down by a 2 to 3 vote, with Mr. Griffin and Dr. Worden voting in the affirmative, and Ms. Walsh, Mr. Murray, and Mr. Mitropoulos voting in the negative.

After some discussion, it was agreed that negotiations should continue but "if feasible" should be the rule when dealing with any plans for the Atwood House in this proposal.

Menotomy Manor Kitchen and Bath Update
Mr. Hurd had nothing new to report to the Board at this time.

FY 2005 Budget Changes
Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Mr. Griffin, it was unanimously:

To approve the following line item changes to the FY 2005 Budgets:

Extraordinary Maintenance – Account 4610
05-4 Cycle Plumbing/Drains $14,000
05-9 Cycle Painting $45,000

Capital Betterments – Account 7540
05-54 Furnance Replacements $20,000
05-57 Emergency Sewer Ejector $ 8,000

As permitted under the current DHCD Budget Guidelines and that do not require formal revisions because they do not change salaries, travel, or non-utility line items.

LTO Budget Requests for FY 2006 Budgets
Mr. Hurd informed the Board that he had received budget requests from all five the Local Tenant Associations (LTO's). He will be taking their requests into consideration when developing the budgets for FY 2006.

He is waiting for the closing figures of FY 2005, which will end on September 30, 2005, before proposing the FY 2006 Budgets to the Board.

Ms. Walsh left the meeting at 9:35 PM.

New Business
Dr. Worden noted that the Town of Arlington was supporting the victims of hurricane Katrina, by offering the town-owned home on Mount Gilboa to a family.

Dr. Worden stated that it was admirable for the Town offer the prperty for affordable housing purposes to assist victims of hurricane Katrina, and that once the occupants left, it would be good to continue to keep that property available for affordable purposes.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Murray, it was unanimously:

To send a letter to the Board of Selectman requesting that the home on Mount Gilboa be turned over to the Arlington Housing Authority for the purpose of maintaining the property for affordable housing purposes. Copies of this letter should be sent to the Town's Director of Planning and the Arlington Redevelopment Board.

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Mr. Griffin, it was unanimously:

To adjourn the meeting at 9:46 P.M.