Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - August 3, 2005

A meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority was held which was open to the public, and was called to order by Vice Chairman John Griffin on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 at 7:13 PM in the John F. Cusack Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA. The Roll Call was taken and the following members of the Arlington Housing Authority were present:

Richard Murray
Dr. Patricia Worden
John Griffin
Teresa J. Walsh

Nicholas Mitropoulos

Also Present:
Franklin W. Hurd, Jr. Executive Director
Joan Pippin, Section 8 Tenant Representative

The Chairman announced that the filing of the Notice with the Town Clerk has been complied with and directed a copy of this Notice be spread upon the records, a copy of which is as follows:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 23, Chapter 39 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that a meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority will be held on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall, Arlington, MA.

CERTIFICATE AS TO SERVICE OF NOTICE OF MEETING I, Franklin W. Hurd, Jr., the duly appointed Secretary of the Arlington Housing Authority, do hereby certify that on July 7, 2005 was emailed and filed with the Town Clerk of the Town of Arlington a copy of Notice of Meeting, of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy.


Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

VOTED: To receive the following communication:
- From: Robert Martin, President, Winslow Towers Tenants Assn.
Re: Election of Officers Results

The Board met with Janet McGuire and Peggy Regan, representatives of Operation Success. The program is scheduled to resume for the new school year in three weeks. The Board was asked for help to improve security. Mr. Hurd said that he would consult an alarm company for recommendations on how that could be accomplished.

Section 8 Public Hearing
The Board opened the scheduled Public Hearing for its Section 8 Annual and 5-Year Plans. No comments were received.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Murray, it was unanimously:

To approve the Arlington Housing Authority's 2005 Section 8 Annual Plan and the 5-Year 2005-2009 Plan.

DHCD Local Initiative Program
Dr. Worden brought the DHCD Local Initiative Program to the attention of the Board. She said that it was not her intention to recommend any specific action by the Board at this time, but she wanted to inform the Board of the program and its purpose, and to keep an eye on development activities in Arlington.

Dr. Worden pointed to the Symmes Project and noted the number of changes being made to the original proposal. There have been changes in the total number of units to be built, the targeted (120% of median income) households, and how that would effect town employees that the set aside was envisioned to help.

She further noted that she was disappointed that there didn't appear to be a clear or open process during the decision making of these changes.

Menotomy Manor Kitchen and Bath Update
Mr. Hurd discussed the status of the project with the Board. DHCD and the ABACUS Architects, Inc. were reviewing the possibilities for testing certain materials in the kitchen area. Testing will be performed in order to determine if special removal procedures were needed in the demolition stages of the project.

Affordable Housing
The Board met wih Mr. David Levy of the Housing Corporation of Arlington, Inc. and their consultant Mr. Peter Smith. Because of DHCD Regulation Changes, housing authorities will soon be able to have more flexibility in creating more affordable housing in their communities.

According to their review of Arlington Housing Authority properties, they felt that there was an opportunity to create up to 16 units of additional housing on the front lawn area of Chestnut Manor.
This idea prompted several questions from Board Members. Targeted usage, unit sizes parking, and tradeoffs including the loss of open space and potential changes in aesthetics of the existing site were all discussed.
It was agreed that Mr. Levy and Mr. Smith would return to another Board Meeting to provide an update on their progress.

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

To approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of July 13, 2005 as amended.

Unfinished Business
Ms. Walsh, upon her review of a request made by Stephanie Jean, a tenant of Menotomy Manor, for financial support to compete in the Ms. Teen USA contest, recommended support for Ms. Jean in the form of a donation of $50.00.

Upon a motion by Ms. Walsh, and seconded by Mr. Murray for discussion purposes, the Board discussed the request. Mr. Griffin suggested that $200.00 would be a more appropriate amount considering Ms. Jean's unique background and accomplishments.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Ms. Walsh, it was unanimously:

To donate $200.00 from the the tenant services fund in support of Ms. Stephanie Jean's entry in the Ms. Teen USA contest.

New Business
Ms. Walsh informed the Board that she was working with tenants of Menotomy Manor to hold a "Pot Luck Supper" after Labor Day. She requested that the authority find a way to pay for the desserts for the children.

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

To donate up to $300.00 for the purchase of desserts for the tenants of Menotomy Manor for their "Pot Luck Supper,"said funds to come from the tenant services fund.

Ms. Walsh suggested the need for Mr. Hurd to have additional administrative support. Mr. Hurd said that he would include the request in the FY 2006 budget proposal to the Board.

The Board discussed its participation for "Town Day." A tentative schedule was developed for those manning the booth. Mr. Hurd said that the "AHA House" was ready, a photo gallery of tenant activities will be displayed, applications for both Section 8 and State Programs will be available, and informational flyers were ready.

Upon a motion by Dr. Worden, and seconded by Mr. Murray, it was unanimously:
VOTED: To adjourn the meeting at 9:54 P.M.