Meeting Minutes

Meeting of the AHA - November 9, 2005

A meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority was held which was open to the public, and was called to order by Chairman Nicholas Mitropoulos on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at 7:11 PM in the John F. Cusack Room, located at 4 Winslow Street, Arlington, MA. The Roll Call was taken and the following members of the Arlington Housing Authority were present:

Nicholas Mitropoulos
Richard Murray
Dr. Patricia Worden
Teresa J. Walsh

John Griffin

Also Present:
Franklin W. Hurd, Jr. Executive Director
Joan Pippin, Section 8 Representative

The Chairman announced that the filing of the Notice with the Town Clerk has been complied with and directed a copy of this Notice be spread upon the records, a copy of which is as follows:

Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 23, Chapter 39 of the Massachusetts General Laws, that a meeting of the Arlington Housing Authority will be held on Wednesday, November 9, 2005 at 7:00 PM in the Town Hall, Arlington, MA.

I, Franklin W. Hurd, Jr., the duly appointed Secretary of the Arlington Housing Authority, do hereby certify that on October 31, 2005 was emailed and filed with the Town Clerk of the Town of Arlington a copy of Notice of Meeting, of which the foregoing is a true and correct copy.


Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

To receive the following communication:
From: A. Joseph DeNucci, Auditor of the Commonwealth
Re: State Audit Report for the period 10/01/03 to 06/30/05

Ms. Mary Roberts, of Drake Village, presented a petition from the residents of Drake Village requesting that 24 hour access be granted to the Hauser Building 667-4 by the tenants of Drake Village 667-1. Mr. Hurd noted his concerns for safety and security.

Upon a motion by Ms. Walsh, and seconded by Mr. Murray, it was unanimously:

To reinstate the 24 hour access to the Hauser Building for tenants of Drake Village and review the matter in May, 2006.

Ms. Graciella Correa, a tenant of Drake Village, requested the posting of projects in the Hauser Building when work is scheduled. Mr. Cronin, Director of Maintenance, noted that postings are placed in the elevators and in the lobbies. Ms. Correa said those postings are often taken down by tenants.

Because the issue could be relative to all the highrise buildings and not simply at the Hauser Building, the matter was referred to Mr. Griffin and requested it be brought up at the next Tenant Presidents Meeting for input.

Menotomy Manor Kitchen and Bath Update
Mr. Hurd had nothing new to report to the Board at this time. Ms. Walsh requested that Mr. Hurd contact Attorney John Greco for his opinion of when and to what extent tenant input is to be sought in these projects according to 760CMR 11:10 and any other applicable provisions provided by State Regulations.

Affordable Housing
The Board discussed the Chestnut Manor site development project. It was felt that it was an appropriate time for a special meeting to be held with David Levy and Peter Smith to discuss the many aspects of the proposal, including the rolls of participants and process needed if the project was to be implemented.

It was agreed that a Special Meeting would be held on December, 7, 2005. An agenda and executive summary would need to be provided to Board Members prior to that meeting.

Unfinished Business
Mr. Murray inquired about the status of the non-profit organization. He asked if it should be dissolved because of the new project and its specific needs required.

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Ms. Walsh, it was unanimously: VOTED:
To approve the minutes of October 27, 2005 as amended.

Upon a motion by Mr. Murray, and seconded by Dr. Worden, it was unanimously:

To adjourn the meeting at 8:50 PM.